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Geostructure Vacuum System

The GVS method is a patented soil stabilization method using vacuum pressure instead of embankment loading to speed up the overall process without disturbing the surrounding structures of the project.

Generally the difficulty of using a vacuum system is in evenly distributing the vacuum pressure to the entire treatment area. The GVS method is a new modified vacuum consolidation system with an effective and even distribution of the vacuum pressure across the entire treatment area.

The GVS method gives a better consolidation result compared to conventional methods.


  • Increasing soil strength rapidly.

  • Faster settlement.

  • Larger total settlement.

  • Reduces residual settlement.

  • Shortening construction time.

  • Minimum working area.

  • Minimum influence to surrounding.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • No need of preloading material if the load less than 70 kPa



  • Reclamation Works

  • Container Yards

  • Power Plants

  • Seaports and Airfields

  • Road and Railway Embankments

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Residential and Industrial Estates

  • Tank Yards

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