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Erosion Control

Erosion is the general process whereby materials of the earth's crust are worn away and removed by natural agencies, specifically land destruction and simultaneous removal of particles of soil by running water, waves, currents, moving ice or wind.

There are several ways to prevent the erosion on slope:

  • Install geomat on dry steep slope to retain the humus and offering permanent support to the roots of the plants.

  • Install Geocell to improve the surface stability of the soil on steep uneven slopes and promotes enhanced vegetation growth over otherwise nutrient deficient slopes to provide an attractive green finish.

  • Installation of Geomat or Geocell will create a flexible but firm layer of constrained soil capable of withstanding the effects of heavy rain or high water flow.

  • To protect slopes on shore or river, installation of concrete mattress will create a layer that can withstand waves or currents.

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