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Vision & Mision

For over 26  years, Geostructure Dynamics has been revolutionizing the ground improvement and geotechnical construction industry in Indonesia as the construction division of Geosinindo, before establishing itself as a separate company in 2006.

The company has specifically concentrated on methods of ground improvement for constructions of infrastructure projects. We continue our success by developing advanced technology and equipment. All the equipment are operated by experienced and qualified personnel.

Through continual training and empowerment we are better able to maintain a high standard of quality, safety, and delivery. We empower our people to use their diverse range of technical and consulting expertise, addressing today’s challenges to make a difference for the future.



To become a leader in ground improvement solutions



  • Work professionally, full of responsibility and zero work accidents

  • Providing the best results to stakeholders

  • Improve technical and management capabilities for experts and employees and management for mutual progress         

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