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Direktur PT.Geostructure Dynamics

Hartanto Legowo as a founder of PT Geostructure Dynamics has been working in the industry for 33 years. He has been successful as advisor for many mega projects in Indonesia. He has created and developed a new engineering system Geostructure vacuum consolidation system (GVS) to solve ground improvement problems for construction of infrastructure projects.

Hartanto Legowo
Director of Geostructure Dynamics
General Manager PT.Geostructure Dynamics

Ery Setyo Wibowo joined PT Geostructure Dynamics in 2008 as a geotechnical specialist and has been successful in maintaining quality control, integrity, and excellence of many projects all over Indonesia. His current focus is managing the company’s operations issues from within the Corporate Planning & Strategy Department.

Ery Setyo Wibowo
General manager of Geostructure Dynamics


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