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Retaining Earth Structure

Even if foundation conditions are satisfactory, the unreinforced slopes may be unstable at the desired slope angle. Additionally, surface sloughing and erosion can occur at the edges of the slope. For new construction, the cost of fill, right-of-way, and other consideration may make a steeper slope desirable.


Multiple layers of geotextile/geogrid placed in a slope during construction or reconstruction will reinforce the soil and provide increased slope stability and makes it possible to construct even vertical walls many meters high.

The principle of geotextile as reinforcement material is relied on the tensile strength of geotextile to cut the sliding failure line of slope.


  • Slope can be made as steep as possible

  • Fast installation

  • Flexible

  • Low cost

  • Fill material can use local material if its property fulfill the design property

  • Variety facing can be applied


  • Road and Railway Embankments

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Residential and Industrial Estates

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