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Embankment Base Reinforcement


Embankments constructed on soft foundation soils are often difficult to construct. Problems such as local bearing failure caused by heavy construction equipment is common. Embankments constructed on soft foundation have a tendency to spread laterally, causing shear stresses at the base of the embankment, resulting in failure.

The geosynthetics placed at the subgrade/embankment interface can be stabilized the subgrade,

the geosynthetics (with high tensile strength) provide additional tensile resistance forces to ensure

the stability of the embankment.


  • Increases the design safety factor

  • Reduces embankment displacements during constructions

  • Improves embankment performance by increasing uniformity of post-construction settlement


  • Road Constructions

  • Basal Reinforcements

  • Reclamations and Breakwaters

  • Earth/Rock Dam and Irrigation Infrastructures

  • Railway and Airfield Constructions

  • Storage and Container Yard

  • Construction Platforms

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